Sundays 6-8 pm EST • September 18 – November 20 

Sundays 6-8pm EST January 15-March 12

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Are you someone who values holistic ways of managing anxiety, depression and chronic health issues?

Are you wanting to diversify your self-care tools and feel the transformative benefits of Qigong?

Are you wanting to work on healing your nervous system and empower others with the same tools you use?

Do you want to live a happier life filled with healing while guiding others to do the same?

Welcome to Qigong Infused Yoga™


I’m Lynne Nicole

I have transformed my life and have triumphed over some pretty hard trauma with Qigong and Yoga. It is my life’s work to share these practices far and wide and help empower people from all walks of life with the following:

  • Access your body’s wisdom to heal itself.
  • Return to a deeper connection with nature to heal the heart.
  • Transform anxiety and fear into calm.
  • Shift self-judgment into self-compassion.
  • Release physical, mental and emotional tension.
  • Make relaxation and self-care a frequent habit.
  • Increase Energy for Life.
  • Heal the nervous system with ancient mind/body practices.
  • Relieve trauma related symptoms that cause suffering
  • Bring healing light to fears, insecurities and pain.
  • Come back home to your SELF.

Notice the Q representing Qigong and the Y contained in the wings of the phoenix.  The bridge of Qigong and Yoga together create the PHOENIX and “The Bridge to Deep Transformation”

Please visit the testimonial page and learn more about how Qigong Infused Yoga™ has transformed so many people’s lives in positive ways.

Reach out to me any time at lynnenicole@qigonginfusedyoga.com with any questions about the practice. The Qigong Infused Yoga™ community is growing and we would love for you to be a part of it so that more joy, healing, and light is infused into your life, community, and the world.

Healing Chi your Way!

Our Offerings

Teacher Training



Qigong Infused Yoga™ Instructional video

The Qigong Infused Yoga video includes a 5 minute introduction and a 50 minute Qigong Infused Yoga practice which was filmed outdoors. The video was filmed by a beautiful reservoir in Western Massachusetts where you will be transported to a healing space in nature and inside your self. You will be led on a peaceful and meditative journey with Gentle Yoga, Qigong, Breath, Healing Music and Heart-Centered Poetry. 

“Lynne Nicole’s video teaching is a clear approach to the profound GRACE of this brand new and potent fusion of Yoga and Qigong.   If you yearn for any level of healing, Lynne’s lucid demonstrations will take you there.”

David Silver, student and author of “The Compleat Beatles”


Lynne Nicole leads a class in movement outside in front of a large building

This training is open to all professionals who want to learn effective tools from Qigong and Yoga to benefit the people you work with. Many people have taken the training to work on healing something in their life.

 Classes run every Sunday beginning September 18 from 6-8pm EST

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Every Sunday on Zoom at 10 am

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The Lynne & Tiny Wellness Show

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May we be at peace.

May our hearts remain open.

May we awaken to the light of our own true nature.

May we be healed and May we be a source of healing

to ourselves, each other and all living beings.