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2-Month Healing Journey

2-month Healing Journey:
Qigong and Yoga for Survivors

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From Lynne Nicole:

As a survivor, I’ve struggled with PTSD and triggers that at times felt unbearable. It took many years of deep inner work to navigate the healing process and land in a place of deep self-love.

For me, Qigong and Yoga became like two friends…allies always available for me to release and let go of my pain. The more I practiced and the more I taught, the more I healed. I am still in awe of the physiological and emotional shift that takes place when I do the breathing and movement exercises from Qigong and Yoga.

After thirty years of being on my own healing journey, I have come to a place where I genuinely feel I can be of service to other survivors. I am transparent because I don’t want to wear any masks with another survivor.

To me, I think it is important to choose someone to work with who has done a whole lot of healing work themselves…someone who really gets the struggles, the emotional pain, and the strength it takes to keep climbing up the mountain on the healing journey to a place of triumph.

I am here to support you and to potentially be another ally to you. I created this program as a survivor for survivors and I wish it to a valuable resource for you that you can continue to use well after our 2 months journey!

Free Introductory Class!

Come try out a free session of Qigong Infused Yoga ™ and see whether you find it will be helpful to you!

If it is, you can take the next step for 1:1 support through your healing journey.

What Your 2-Month Healing Journey Includes:

  • 8 weeks of individual coaching which will involve a half an hour of one to one support and a half hour of private lessons which will give you specific tools to use both during your 2 months journey
  • After 8 weeks of attendance to “Start Your Sunday with Qigong” to support a regular routine of you practicing and learning more about Qigong’s benefits in your life
  • Qigong Infused Yoga video (streamable link will be emailed to you upon sign-up for program)
  • 1 hour Closing session where we review what your goals are in integrating Qigong and Yoga into your life.

Cost: $425

Collage of magazine clippings that says, "No, I never give up. It's never to late to learn. Women supporting women."
Collage of magazine clippings that says, "Breathe. I'm here now, not then. I am creating a good life for myself. I forgive myself."
A collage of magazine clippings that says, "We are not the same as before. My truth is what counts. Healing happens many times, over and over again. Breaking is a good thing, let go of the old."