The Corona Virus: Taking care of our SELF during this time of collective suffering. Qigong, Yoga and Qigong Infused Yoga™

Right now, I am feeling the need to reach out to my collective community and let everyone know that you’re not alone. I know we all know this on some level but sometimes in time of crisis, things can feel so intense collectively that the impact it has on us personally feels like more weight than we can usually handle.

Let’s be real. This crisis and the coronavirus outbreak and all of the feelings it invokes is downright scary, surreal and for some may feel apocalyptic. It is causing suffering that we are beginning to realize could hit us hard if we don’t make wise decisions as a society and individually. As a sensitive soul, I feel it deeply like many of us are. How do we hold this reality in our hearts and still feel a sense of peace inside ourselves amidst it all?

This is a question that is meant to be reflective and reveal different answers for each of us. Let me ask it to you directly. Perhaps you want to grab a piece of paper or notebook and write down your reflections. Take a few moments to reflect. How are you holding on to a sense of peace inside of your self during this crisis? What specific actions can you take to take care of your self during this challenging time?

For me, I know trauma and have worked on managing trauma related symptoms for several years so I am using the skills I’ve gained in the course of my inner work to feel strong, resilient and resourceful during this time. The simple act of getting up and going for a walk outdoors in nature every day is a big part of what I need to do to feel ready to manage this crisis without feeling weighed down or ill from cabin fever. Doing Qigong and Yoga is also essential for me to feel energy, hope and equilibrium right now.

We’ve had a long winter of hibernating and we have some more time to hibernate together due to us being at home perhaps when we would be choosing to do something else with our time. I want to encourage everyone who is reading this to make self-care a priority and to do active, creative and novel things right now inside your home and outdoors in nature to keep your energy and chi flowing and to help expel the worry and collective tension that we may be absorbing.

Today, I did a yoga class with my friend online and it was enormously beneficial. I, like many yoga teachers and teachers of all kinds am not teaching any in person classes right now due to the coronavirus threat. We can still come together though with the wonders of modern technology.

Qigong Infused Yoga and Qigong are incredibly beneficial and powerful tools to release anxiety, fear and worry that often cause physical symptoms in our bodies like headaches, neck tension and back pain. In Qigong Infused Yoga, we do active breath-work, tapping, shaking like a tree, light stretching and Qigong along with pranayama to lower cortisol levels in the body and increase our energy while improving our immune system.

There are other multiple benefits of both practices such as alleviating chronic pain, healing emotional distress, improving insomnia, and increasing vitality along with flexibility in the body. If you’ve never tried Qigong, I hope you’ll consider it something novel that you can try and maybe just maybe, it will be life changing for you. If you’re someone who has done Qigong and would love to do more of it and have some new tools to use in your life, please say hello and reach out any time. Most of you might be new to the fusion of Qigong and Yoga and it is indeed a powerful alliance of two practices that will offer you the benefits of both ancient mind/body practices.

I have started an online Qigong and Qigong Infused Yoga program where anyone can do unlimited classes for a month for just $30. I am planning this to keep both myself, friends and students connected online in the spirit of improving our physical and emotional health while we are spending far too much time at home when spring is ready to spring. This is available to anyone in the country and will be online via Zoom which is a free and simple to use online video platform.

I would love to meet new people from around the country and come together in a positive way to stay healthy and keep our energy and spirits up during this crisis.

I hope to see you soon and I welcome any reflections on what you do for self care during times of crisis. I’d love to share ideas in my next blog for people to benefit from. Let’s brainstorm together and support each other through this challenging time.

This too shall pass.


Lynne Nicole, Qigong Infused Yoga™ Instructor and Producer

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