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Imagine waking up with less pain and more ease of movement.

At "Start Your Sunday with Qigong," our specialized Qigong workout will not only give you powerful tools not only for energy and inner peace but also for non-pharmaceutical and alternative ways of managing pain.  

These are tools you can carry with you for a lifetime. Qigong isn't just a concept; it's evidence-based, rooted in real results.

Join a wonderful online community and discover practical Qigong exercises from the practice that can bring you relief and comfort from the




CD Nelson - retired

Lynne has a magical way of incorporating nature into each move and an inspired variety of moves that foster healing and joy.

  Qigong or Yoga?

How about both?

  • Both practices relieve anxiety and all forms of stress quickly and with ease.
  • Feel comfortable with zero pressure, not having to learn any complicated or compromising Yoga poses.
  • Learn practical, easy to follow exercises you can do any time to relieve chronic pain and tension. And no, you don't need to wear tight leggings and a half-top.  Wear your pajamas if you want to!
  • Cultivate vitality, pain relief and tranquility when you most need it.
  • Join a kind online community from across the country in the comfort of your home for "Start Your Sunday with Qigong."  
  • Class also includes breathing exercises and light stretching exercises from the practice of Yoga. 

Welcome to my site. I'm Lynne Nicole. 

Thankyou for visiting  to learn more about Qigong and Qigong Infused Yoga!

Living with chronic pain is a daily struggle that wears on the soul. For more than two decades, I've been teaching Qigong and Yoga, and in my experience, Qigong is a hidden gem when it comes to finding relief. While Yoga may be familiar to many, Qigong often flies under the radar despite its remarkable effectiveness.

I've had the privilege of witnessing numerous individuals experience life-changing improvements. From the grandmother who regained mobility in her arthritic hands to the student who finally found respite from persistent shoulder and back pain, and the story of a woman who attended a workshop of mine telling me she witnessed her brother with M.S. improve signifcantly, the impact of Qigong is undeniable. 

My classes are carefully designed to address both physical discomfort and the emotional toll it takes. Embracing your journey to better health isn't easy, but it's profoundly rewarding. While I can't promise miracles, I've seen Qigong bring about remarkable transformations for those who commit to it.

I hold online and in person classes as well as online Qigong Infused Yoga Intensives  for those who wish to delve deeper either personally or professionally. 

Are you ready to explore the healing power of Qigong?

I can't wait to practice with you!

Learn more about Qigong Infused Yoga 

Qigong Infused Yoga DVD box

Qigong Infused Yoga™ Instructional video

The Qigong Infused Yoga DVD and Streamable Video includes a 5 minute introduction and a 50 minute Qigong Infused Yoga practice which was filmed outdoors. The video was filmed by a beautiful reservoir in Western Massachusetts where you will be transported to a healing space in nature and inside your self in the comfort of your own home. You will be led on a peaceful and meditative journey with Gentle Yoga, Qigong, Breath, Healing Music and Heart-Centered Poetry.

“Lynne Nicole’s video teaching is a clear approach to the profound GRACE of this brand new and potent fusion of Yoga and Qigong. If you yearn for any level of healing, Lynne’s lucid demonstrations will take you there.”

– David Silver, student and author of “The Compleat Beatles”

“I attend Lynne Nicole’s classes but when I can’t make it to class, her DVD is great to have. I shared the DVD with my sister and she shared it with her friends and had to order three more since they all loved it too!”

Jeanne Bell

“Qigong Infused Yoga is so very USEFUL in relieving so many disorders from stress to arthritis to imbalances of all kinds. For me, having and using the DVD has been life changing. Lynne Nicole’s video teaching is a clear approach to the profound GRACE of this brand new and potent fusion of Yoga and Qigong. If you yearn for any level of healing, Lynne’s lucid demonstrations will take you there.”

David Silver

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May we be at peace.
May our hearts remain open.
May we awaken to the light of our own true nature.
May we be healed and May we be a source of healing
to ourselves, each other and all living beings.