Qigong and Yoga are allies in helping to heal anxiety and trauma


We are all in the same boat. Allow me to repeat that. We are all in the same boat. We are inter-connected to each other, the planet and all living beings. Here we are living on planet earth witnessing crisis after crisis. We are in the third year of managing the complexity and fear that this global pandemic has created in our lives. Now, we are witnessing the heart-breaking destruction and suffering of war.

What do we do with all of the fear and anxiety that we are both witnessing and perhaps experiencing vicariously? For me, I watch the news and one part of me feels it is compassionate and useful to know what is going on. Another part of me doesn’t want to know because the more I know, the more fear and even despair I feel. How do we find the balance of being aware of what is occurring in the world while keeping our heart and mind balanced and at ease?

I don’t feel fully equipped to address this in a way that will offer respect and understanding to you who might be reading. Each of us has different needs and values around what feels right when injustices are being committed or when the larger society is in crisis.

My heart though feels pulled towards the beautiful and wise teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn who passed away in January of this year. He says….”Someone asked me, ‘aren’t you afraid about the state of the world? ‘ I allowed myself to breathe and then I said, ‘what is most important is not to allow your anxiety about what happens in the world to fill your heart. If your heart is filled with anxiety, you will get sick, and you will not be able to help.’ There are wars-big and small-in many places, and that can cause us to lose our peace. Anxiety is the illness of our age. If we allow worry to fill our hearts, sooner or later we will get sick. Yes, there is tremendous suffering all over the world, but knowing this need not paralyze us. If we practice mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful sitting, and working in mindfulness, we try our best to help, and we can have peace in our heart. Worrying does not accomplish anything. In fact, your anxiety will only make things worse. Even though things are not as we would like, we can still be content, knowing we are trying our best and will continue to do so. If we don’t know how to breathe, smile and live every moment of our life deeply, we will never be able to help anyone. ” Thich Nhat Hahn

Take a moment now as you read this. Pause. Breathe in deeply and say to your self “I am tranquil. I am at peace. I am present”. Breathe out and say to your self “I release worry and anxiety from my body, mind and heart.” Repeat this as a mantra several times until you feel a deep well of relaxation and ease in your body. Remember to make your inhalation and exhalation long, deep and relaxed to anchor into the relaxation response in your body.

There are many practices that can help us in our life’s journey. For me, both Qigong and Yoga have been supportive allies in helping me to heal anxiety caused by trauma in my childhood and adolescence. I cannot imagine my life without these effective and calming mind/body practices in my life. Everyone knows of Yoga and it is amazing how quickly Yoga has expanded in the West. Less people know of Qigong but it is beginning to ride a momentous wave of recognition. Qigong and T’ai Chi are widely used in Veterans Hospitals to treat P.T.S.D. and Yoga is becoming a common somatic therapy within the context of therapy to help people heal from trauma.

I have a respectful affinity for Qigong. I’ve been teaching and practicing Qigong for twenty years and I have transformed the trauma I experienced as a young one into triumph. Sure, I still have hard days like us all but my nervous system has healed from embracing this tranquil, healing practice on a daily basis. Qigong involves gentle movement, breath, self-massage, meditation and walking meditation.

Thich Nhat Hahn frequently refers to walking meditation, mindful breathing and meditation as a pathway to peace. I would like to listen to this beautiful man who spent his life cultivating wisdom and sharing this wisdom with millions of people. To me, he represents the potential of humanity to heal, grow and cultivate a more peaceful society.

We have a long way to go.I know so many of us care deeply about the world. As much as we hear on the news all that feels heavy and even hopeless at times…never forget the people in this world, including yourself who truly care. Each of us plays a part in helping to create a less anxious environment for ourselves, our families and our larger community. Landing on two mind/body practices, Qigong and Yoga has changed me in profound ways. I continue to feel my body thriving. My mind is learning to surrender worry. My emotional well-being is always improving when I practice. The trauma I experienced is feeling like less of the story. Healing has genuinely taken place.

I am inspired by the testimonials from so many people who embrace Qigong in their lives. I hope it becomes as much of a “household name” as Yoga. Let’s pause again. Perhaps you are carrying burdens and fear that this pandemic and war are causing in many of us. We, alone are not meant nor equipped to hold these burdens. Take a moment to do “Shaking Like a Tree” from Qigong. Stand up and begin to bounce your knees, shrug your shoulders, let your arms move like loose moving spaghetti. In other words, allow your body to shake off all of the tension you are holding in your body and mind. As you are shaking, take deep, deep breaths and say to your self, “I am releasing anxiety.”, “I am releasing worry”, “I am releasing tension”. Feel that physical, mental and emotional tension release itself to the earth to be composted into something new.

If you had to choose that “NEW SOMETHING”, what would you choose? Let’s finish together in this reading with what we would all choose to embody in this moment and in our lives. For example, I choose calm. I choose compassion. I choose acceptance. What resonates for you? What immediately bubbles up in your heart and mind?You may want to say it aloud or write it down in this moment. “I CHOOSE __________.”

May you continue to let go of the anxiety and fear that isn’t yours to hold. May you know the peace, acceptance and grace that comes with practice and cultivation. I hope many of us will continue to come together in good will to help ourselves, each other, the larger world and planet to heal. That is the part of “the war” worth fighting for.

If you are interested in learning more about Qigong Infused Yoga™ and ways of integrating these practices into your life and/or sharing the benefits with others, please reach out to me any time.

-Lynne Nicole Smith


Facilitator of Qigong Infused Yoga™ Training Programs and Creator of the Qigong Infused Yoga™ DVD

Integrate Qigong and Yoga into your work as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, counselor, life coach and/or social worker to help clients with anxiety with natural methods.

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Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety. I don’t think any of us can turn a blind eye to the reality that we have seen anxiety become magnified exponentially with this pandemic. All of us are trying to make sense of a world that seemed to have turned upside down overnight creating financial worry, fear of death, fear of illness, fear of getting vaccinated, fear of not getting vaccinated, fear for how the pandemic is affecting our children, fear of being isolated, fear it will never end. The list of fears extends itself for far too long.

How have you been dealing with all of this? What have you been doing to stay afloat amidst the ocean of anxiety we are living in? Life is busy enough, right? Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we have enough time to think about managing our anxiety which in many ways is exacerbated by the mountain of external anxieties we bear witness to every day.

Many of us have probably experienced the unfortunate irony that we tend to take care of ourselves less when life is incredibly busy and when the presence of stress is higher. When we need to nurture ourselves more, some of us nurture ourselves less because life seems too busy to fit deep self-care in. For those of you who are reading this, I hope to inspire you to put self-care at the top of your list versus at the bottom or even at the middle of your list of priorities. Now, more than ever, it is essential to stay healthy and strong and to do that self-care is the key to maintaining our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

One of the most important ways of taking care of ourselves is managing our stress and anxiety with skill. Have you taken the time to learn and integrate practical tools into your life to reduce stress and access the relaxation response in your body to stay calm in the center of this storm we are all living through? For me, Yoga and Qigong have been incredibly powerful and effective allies in keeping me calm, healthy, self-loving and strong throughout a very difficult couple of years where life is feeling more uncertain and unpredictable.

There are an endless amount of breathing, meditation, self-massage and movement exercises from both Qigong and Yoga that are both healing and fun to integrate in to our everyday life whether we are at work, home, in the car, at the super-market, in a crowd and even in bed.

Try this breathing exercise right now. It’s called Xi Xi Hu Breath (Xi Xi pronounced she-she) (Hu pronounced hoo). This exercise is simple, easy to learn and you can do this any time without anyone knowing. You will very quickly lower cortisol levels in your body and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to induce the relaxation response in the body. There is a visceral and profound physiological shift that occurs in the body when we use exercises from Qigong and Yoga to manage and reduce our anxiety by turning on the parasympathetic nervous system. Xi Xi Hu Breath is one of many exercises from Qigong to help you relax almost immediately.

Xi Xi Hu Breath:

Hold the palms of your hands together about 6 inches apart as if you are holding a small beach ball. As you move the palms of your hands away from each other, take 2 in-breaths through the nose. As you draw the palms of the hands back in together, breathe out through the mouth while softly making an extended HU sound that sounds like a soft sigh. See how long you can make the exhalation. Repeat multiple times until you feel a deep sense of calm and presence. See if you can make the exhalation longer than the two breaths in to help induce the relaxation response in the body. As an option to induce the sleep response, hold the breath for 5 seconds in between the 2 in breaths and out-breath to stimulate the production of acetylcholine in your body.

Qigong and Yoga offer a variety of methods to manage anxiety naturally without equipment and for FREE. We can think of doing Qigong and Yoga as free medicine. We are maximizing the body’s capacity to regulate stress and transforming our stress into vital energy. We are helping to prevent disease. When we do nothing to manage stress, that’s when we begin to experience chronic pain, depression, distressing emotions, the beginnings of disease, physical symptoms that seem to arise out of nowhere, etc.

As people who are in a helping profession caring for others in various capacities, you can become a wellness role model for clients to also take care of their stress and anxiety. The more you care for your self and listen to your body when it needs to relax, the more you are better able to inform clients of ways that they too can access physical, mental and emotional relaxation as well. Ultimately, this contributes to a happier life and improved well-being, something I believe all of us want and need more than ever.

I am passionately committed to both mind/body practices, Qigong and Yoga. I see them as complimentary allies to help all of us manage this life with an empowered mind-set. Not only are we benefiting our body but we are also helping our mind and our emotions to come into a place of balance and ease. No matter what happens to us or around us, we will be equipped and offer those we work with to be better equipped to manage the complexities and hardships that life presents.

Qigong and Yoga have helped to heal my nervous system from early trauma. I have been able to transform anxiety and pain into energy that I can use to feel more productive and relaxed. I struggled with depression and anxiety for several years and have genuinely shifted and changed my feeling states to a place where I feel more alive, hopeful, accepting and self-loving. I hear countless testimonials of how much Qigong helps people with their anxiety. I am here to support you in your personal journey to heal your own anxiety and to support your professional growth in helping clients manage their anxiety with skill and personal empowerment. Please reach out to me any time if you are interested in learning more about the complimentary fusion of Qigong and Yoga and the ways these mind/body practices will work as a TEAM to help you and the people in your life.

-Lynne Nicole Smith

Lynne Nicole Smith(Founder of Qigong Infused Yoga™ and Creator of the Qigong Infused Yoga DVD/Streamable Video) runs 10 week Online Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Programs every January, October and September. The next one begins October 3rd, 2021. If you would like to learn breathing, movement, meditation and self-massage techniques that will help both you and those you serve manage anxiety effectively, please reach out to Lynne Nicole any time at qigonginfusedyogaevents@yahoo.com or visit www.qigonginfusedyoga.com

The Corona Virus: Taking care of our SELF during this time of collective suffering. Qigong, Yoga and Qigong Infused Yoga™

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Right now, I am feeling the need to reach out to my collective community and let everyone know that you’re not alone. I know we all know this on some level but sometimes in time of crisis, things can feel so intense collectively that the impact it has on us personally feels like more weight than we can usually handle.

Let’s be real. This crisis and the coronavirus outbreak and all of the feelings it invokes is downright scary, surreal and for some may feel apocalyptic. It is causing suffering that we are beginning to realize could hit us hard if we don’t make wise decisions as a society and individually. As a sensitive soul, I feel it deeply like many of us are. How do we hold this reality in our hearts and still feel a sense of peace inside ourselves amidst it all?

This is a question that is meant to be reflective and reveal different answers for each of us. Let me ask it to you directly. Perhaps you want to grab a piece of paper or notebook and write down your reflections. Take a few moments to reflect. How are you holding on to a sense of peace inside of your self during this crisis? What specific actions can you take to take care of your self during this challenging time?

For me, I know trauma and have worked on managing trauma related symptoms for several years so I am using the skills I’ve gained in the course of my inner work to feel strong, resilient and resourceful during this time. The simple act of getting up and going for a walk outdoors in nature every day is a big part of what I need to do to feel ready to manage this crisis without feeling weighed down or ill from cabin fever. Doing Qigong and Yoga is also essential for me to feel energy, hope and equilibrium right now.

We’ve had a long winter of hibernating and we have some more time to hibernate together due to us being at home perhaps when we would be choosing to do something else with our time. I want to encourage everyone who is reading this to make self-care a priority and to do active, creative and novel things right now inside your home and outdoors in nature to keep your energy and chi flowing and to help expel the worry and collective tension that we may be absorbing.

Today, I did a yoga class with my friend online and it was enormously beneficial. I, like many yoga teachers and teachers of all kinds am not teaching any in person classes right now due to the coronavirus threat. We can still come together though with the wonders of modern technology.

Qigong Infused Yoga and Qigong are incredibly beneficial and powerful tools to release anxiety, fear and worry that often cause physical symptoms in our bodies like headaches, neck tension and back pain. In Qigong Infused Yoga, we do active breath-work, tapping, shaking like a tree, light stretching and Qigong along with pranayama to lower cortisol levels in the body and increase our energy while improving our immune system.

There are other multiple benefits of both practices such as alleviating chronic pain, healing emotional distress, improving insomnia, and increasing vitality along with flexibility in the body. If you’ve never tried Qigong, I hope you’ll consider it something novel that you can try and maybe just maybe, it will be life changing for you. If you’re someone who has done Qigong and would love to do more of it and have some new tools to use in your life, please say hello and reach out any time. Most of you might be new to the fusion of Qigong and Yoga and it is indeed a powerful alliance of two practices that will offer you the benefits of both ancient mind/body practices.

I have started an online Qigong and Qigong Infused Yoga program where anyone can do unlimited classes for a month for just $30. I am planning this to keep both myself, friends and students connected online in the spirit of improving our physical and emotional health while we are spending far too much time at home when spring is ready to spring. This is available to anyone in the country and will be online via Zoom which is a free and simple to use online video platform.

I would love to meet new people from around the country and come together in a positive way to stay healthy and keep our energy and spirits up during this crisis.

I hope to see you soon and I welcome any reflections on what you do for self care during times of crisis. I’d love to share ideas in my next blog for people to benefit from. Let’s brainstorm together and support each other through this challenging time.

This too shall pass.


Lynne Nicole, Qigong Infused Yoga™ Instructor and Producer

To learn more about Qigong Infused Yoga™ and the Qigong Infused Yoga DVD and Streaming Access to the video, visit http://www.qigonginfusedyoga.com.

To learn more about online Qigong and Qigong Infused Yoga classes, visit

Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Program

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We are offering a Qigong Infused Yoga™ 10 Week Online Program beginning January 5th, 2020.

$500 with full payment received by December 1st, 2019

REGISTER ONLINE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfALqKL31XsEG0AcuMj9I06Wjv1JHqrhGe6jkHuRnOzx9tT3w/viewform

Zoom Online Training will run every Sunday evening from 6-8pm

January 5th, 2020 to March 8th, 2020.

Included in training:
– Qigong Infused Yoga DVD(mailed to you)
– Course Packet including outline of Qigong Infused Yoga Practice(pdf)
– Qigong Infused Yoga Music Playlist
– Qigong Infused Yoga Certificate upon completion of training. 2-makeup classes offered at end of program on a mutually agreed date to accommodate potential classes that are missed. Please do not miss more than 2 evenings.

Cost: $650 Total, After December 1st.

QUESTIONS? Email me at Lynnenicole8@yahoo.com

Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Programs: Healing my PTSD with Qigong

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My name is Lynne Nicole Smith and I am offering Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Programs both in person and online. There are so many yoga styles, classes, teacher training programs and people pursuing yoga as as a powerful means to find balance and health in a world that is chaotic, stressful and filled with sometimes confusing technology that is reshaping our lives. I want to give you a backdrop of why I have pursued this as my life’s work and the ways I see this practice changing my and other people’s lives in such powerful, real ways.

When I am practicing Qigong or Qigong Infused Yoga, I am in awe of how effective the practice is for bringing me to a place of anxiety to peace, from fear to acceptance, from tension to relaxation so quickly. I have stayed committed to the practice for seventeen years and Qigong Infused Yoga has become my life’s work. This practice works.

As a trauma survivor who has struggled with PTSD symptoms from childhood abuse, I have genuinely transformed my nervous system and have improved in all areas of my life due to Qigong and Yoga. I am 44 and I see my relationships getting better, my career is growing and I am cultivating resiliency and deep strength of mind and heart through my practice and my teaching. I created Qigong Infused Yoga to offer the benefits of both ancient mind/body practices within one modality.

I discovered Qigong in 2002 while studying with Dr. Roger Jahnke at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. After living at Omega for a month and practicing Qigong for 8 hours a day, my life completely transformed. After several years of being in talk therapy trying to resolve the wounds of my past, I found that Qigong was the most effective way for me to shift my emotional state and PTSD symptoms.

I was also practicing Yoga on a daily basis and ultimately decided to do my 200 hour training in 2005. It has always felt natural and beneficial to integrate Qigong into all of my Gentle Yoga classes. I’ve learned and applied a unique set of exercises, breathing techniques and movements that fit together in a fluid way to offer a deeply calming mind/body practice, Qigong Infused Yoga™.

I used to struggle with shame, anxiety and depression. I grew up in a household with an incredible amount of discord. My mother and father were constantly arguing and fighting. My older siblings disliked my mother having lost their biological mother to a sudden illness. No one could figure out how to negotiate peacefully or manage the grief, transitions, and emotions that came up in this new blended family. I was the little one in the family, the youngest and most vulnerable. I was not fighting with them because I was too young to know what exactly was going on but I remember listening to these constant arguments while alone in my bedroom. Part of me felt entertained by them, it was like watching a live soap opera from behind closed doors. Yet, now I know that I was being neglected and my need for love was being denied.

I needed nurturing, attention and support as a young child but my family was too busy fighting. My father did my best to teach me sports and to do fun activities with me. He was both very gentle and very angry. It was a confusing thing to witness. He eventually sought treatment himself and I commend him for this choice.

My brother who was 4 years older than me sexually abused me and as an adolescent, I was ill equipped to know how to set healthy boundaries with boys. He was a terrible role model to say the least. I experienced more sexual trauma as an adolescent which ripped my innocence and sense of dignity apart. I suddenly was swimming in a reservoir of shame feeling like I was nothing and that I didn’t matter as much as other people. To top it all off, my brother blamed me and physically punished me when I was 14 for experiencing something awful as a young adolescent. My brother needs treatment and he should probably be in jail for the crimes he has committed.

When I was 18, my mother recommended I go to therapy and with resistance, I finally agreed. The therapist asked me “Have you been sexually abused?” I immediately answered Yes. She said, “By who?” and I responded “My brother.”

That’s when my eyes opened up wide and my healing journey began. I was one hundred percent dedicated to healing the wounds that were inflicted upon me as a child and early adolescent when I didn’t know exactly how to protect myself from harm. I went to individual and group therapy for 20 years and found my way back to my own energy and body through Qigong and Yoga.

I can honestly say with conviction that it is the mind/body practices of Qigong and Yoga that have helped to empower me and to heal my body and heart the most. My nervous system was out of whack for many years and it took a whole lot of inner work to reshape my nervous system to one that is balanced, healthy and now, I declare… highly intelligent.

Through working with my nervous system and rewiring it with deep breathing techniques, EMDR, expressive arts therapy, active breathwork, tapping, affirmations, inner child work(inner bonding) Qigong and Yoga, I have literally changed myself from the inside, out. One of the reasons I can be so honest about all of this is because I haven’t an ounce of shame about any of it any more. As I have witnessed my own deep personal transformation, it is my wish to offer transparency to others, especially women so that they feel comfortable being themselves while working with me. It is not your fault. It was not my fault. We are equal allies on the path to heal in a genuine way.

What I have come to realize is that even if someone hasn’t survived major trauma, that this life will eventually present challenges, stress, obstacles, transitions, losses and even unexpected hardships to us. Yes, life is also filled with blessings, happiness, loving relationships, milestones and joys…and those are to be honored and celebrated. The practices of Qigong and Yoga are gateways for deepening our sense of acceptance and gratitude for the wide array of experiences life presents us, trauma or no trauma. Through this powerful self-care practice, we access a way of pursuing physical, emotional and spiritual health while shifting our nervous system away from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”. The more we are stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system in this way through Qigong Infused Yoga™, we are maximizing the body and minds capacity to heal itself.

For those of you that are reading this who know of someone, a young girl or woman who needs support in healing from sexual trauma or domestic violence, I am here as a resource. I have acquired some effective tools to relieve anxiety and to heal emotional pain…and I’ve done it myself. I am honest in the hopes that you will see that I I do my best to be a sincere person. We live in a world filled with vultures and people who are sloppy with their words and behaviors towards others, including professionals. I have found a way where the trauma I experienced has turned into personal triumph and I want to support others in their journey towards triumph as well. It is real and it happens with the right conditions, people, support, tools and compassion.

No one is intended to suffer alone and I have found my greatest allies have been those that went through it and got out to the other side. If you want to learn tools to support you in healing trauma, anxiety and your nervous system, please reach out any time.

I am a coach who specializes in recovery from trauma and have created a Qigong Infused Yoga DVD and Teacher Training Program so these practices can continue to spread to as many people as possible. We all play our part in helping this world to be better.

I am here to support you.

–Lynne Nicole


Qigong and Yoga’s role in healing my trauma

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How Qigong Infused Yoga has changed my life?

I have committed my life’s work to sharing the practices of Qigong and Gentle Yoga. There are many reasons why people are drawn to both practices whether it be to relieve chronic pain, feel more flexible, gain more energy, calm the mind, release stress, connect with spirit along with so many more intentions.

I personally have stayed dedicated to both practices because they have transformed my life from the inside and out. I grew up in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. There weren’t any healing arts in this mill town and there were destructive forces around me as a child and adolescent. I was physically and sexually abused as a child. Although I was a good student and athlete, shame was something I struggled with for many years due to the abuse.

At 18 years old, I started therapy and it was then I brought awareness to my experiences and how they impacted me psychologically and emotionally. From there, it has been a long, deep and meaningful healing journey to uncover the roots of my fear, shame and emotional pain. I have had experience with many therapeutic modalities including Expressive Arts Therapy, EMDR, EFT, Psychosynthesis Counseling, and 26 years of individual therapy on and off.

In 2002, I discovered Qigong and T’ai Chi through a local dance studio and immediately knew I wanted to get further training and teach. I decided to do a month long Qigong/Tai Chi training with the Institute for Integral Qigong and T’ai Chi with Dr Roger Jahnke. In this training, I had the opportunity to practice Qigong for eight hours a day. By the end of the month, I felt the deepest healing I have ever known. I knew that I had to go deeper into my body to heal the trauma I survived in my early years. So, I did.

I immediately began teaching Qigong after the training at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and decided to also become certified as a Yoga Instructor. I was simultaneously taking daily yoga classes with a wonderful, genuine teacher Baukje McCray, owner of Say Yes To Yoga Studio in Webster, Massachusetts.

After becoming trained in Yoga, I began teaching several Yoga classes where I would always integrate Qigong. The gentle, tranquil nature of Qigong is an incredibly powerful compliment to a Gentle Yoga class. I have come to embrace both mind/body practices as a very deep form of meditation in motion. Connecting to our breath moment by moment while moving the body in a gentle way gives us access to the healing energy, the powerful life force within and around us.(Prana;Yoga and Chi;Qigong which are synonymous)

I use the tools from Qigong and Yoga every day to heal my nervous system that was affected by the trauma I endured. I can sincerely say that Qigong has been THE MOST beneficial modality for me in healing my life. I have found the deepest stillness I have known. For a survivor of trauma who is exposed to violence….this stillness is a powerful vehicle to heal the wounds of the past that violence inflicts. I am now 44 years old and am celebrating the fruits of over two decades of deep inner work. It is my passion and commitment to share Qigong and Yoga…Qigong Infused Yoga with as many people as possible as I move forward.

The healing I have found is authentic and real. I have felt it in a profound and heart felt way and continue to feel it each time I teach. I have found confidence, strength, comfort in my body and a way to release old pain and wounds I never thought was possible.

If you have not tried Qigong or the combination of Qigong and Yoga together, I hope that you will consider giving it a try. Of course, you don’t need to have survived trauma to gain the incredible benefits of the practices. I, of course, feel physically stronger, more energized and more flexible as well but I suppose I am most grateful for the ways Qigong Infused Yoga has received my suffering which was very deep for many years. I am more free, grateful and content now….and haven’t gotten sick for years.

This is a simple and sincere way of expressing my story in the hopes it will inspire you to breathe, move and discover something new that may just transform your life in ways you didn’t think possible.