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Announcing an Exclusive Training for Therapists and ALL Behavioral Health Practitioners

Your Body's Healing Wisdom: Simple Exercises from Qigong and Yoga that Heal the Nervous System

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teacher training

10-week online Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Programs are popular and open to everyone. You will deepen your knowledge about the practice and benefits of Qigong while learning an integration of Qigong and Yoga that is well received by students and clients. They are held every spring, fall and winter.

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Start Your Sunday with Qigong is held every Sunday online at 10am(EST). Your first class is FREE!
Specialty Workshops and Retreats such as Sound Healing and Qigong Infused Yoga are held both online and in person throughout the year

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The Qigong Infused Yoga Video is a 50-minute practice that you can do anytime at home when you need it the most. The video was filmed by the water and can be practiced for the full 50 minutes or less according to what segment of the practice you would like to do. It is sold either as a DVD or Streamable Link to the same video as the DVD.