1:1 Qigong Infused Yoga lessons

$75 for an hour long lesson
(In person or via Skype)

  Let me know what your personal objectives would be and you will gather powerful tools to facilitate healing in your physical and emotional body that you can apply in a practical way in your every day life.

In our 1:1 sessions, you will
*Relax and Connect with your True Self.
*Release Bound-Up Anxiety
*Let Go of Difficult Emotions
*Loosen up Muscular tension
*Calm a busy and racing mind
*Build energy in the body
*Improve Focus and Concentration

To book a session email

Lynne is an extremely valuable teacher and guide. She is centered, calm, and totally empathetic with her students. The ultimate aim of Qigong Infused Yoga is the heal and lead the student to a place of peace and clarity. My experience within her classes was one of being uplifted and grounded. I sincerely recommend Lynne as your teacher.

-David Silver, Curator for Ram Dass and author of Rockumentary of “The Compleat Beatles”