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Qigong Infused Yoga DVD Video

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The Qigong Infused Yoga video includes a 5 minute introduction and a 50 minute Qigong Infused Yoga practice which was filmed outdoors. The video was filmed by a beautiful reservoir in Western Massachusetts where you will be transported to a healing space in nature and inside your self. You will be led on a peaceful and meditative journey with Gentle Yoga, Qigong, Breath, Healing Music and Heart-Centered Poetry.

I created this video in the spirit of supporting you in healing your body and your mind. The two practices live inside my heart as allies in my life. I hope that you discover the profound benefits of Qigong Infused Yoga and that this video supports you in your healing journey. This practice is incredibly healing for your nervous system. If you have struggled with anxiety or trauma, you will find deep relief. I trust this to be true as I have personally experienced healing from early childhood trauma through Qigong and Yoga.

There may be days where you feel like doing just Pranayama for 5 minutes or Active Breath-work after a long day of work to release stress. You can use the video to just practice 1 or 2 segments or perhaps there are days where you have the full 50 minutes to join in on the full journey.

Thank you for supporting this project..may it help you the way it has also helped me. Enjoy!

Lynne Nicole leads a class in movement outside in front of a large building

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