Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Programs are held every January and September

Qigong Infused Yoga 

Online Teacher Training Program



Sunday January 24th-March 28th

10 Consecutive Sundays 6pm-8pm


Lynne Nicole Smith, Creator of Qigong Infused Yoga DVD and Teacher Training Programs

Dr. Roger Jahnke, Founder of the Institute of Integral Qigong and T’ai Chi

Are you a Yoga Instructor who wants to integrate Qigong into your Yoga classes? 

Are you a therapist, life coach, social worker or professional interested in teaching clients, students, patients ways of releasing anxiety while improving their health on all levels? 

This training is open to all professionals who want to learn powerful tools from Qigong and Yoga to help assist those you work with?

*The combination of Gentle Yoga and Qigong is easy to follow and to teach. It is an incredibly tranquil and calming practice with a variety of different breathing and movement exercises that will bring you and the people you share it with tools to manage stress and anxiety with skill.

Are you looking for more healing, health and vitality in your life?

“Qigong Infused Yoga is an excellent practice that offers an integral approach to healing the mind, body and heart. It is a beautiful integration and fusion of the spiritual and health systems of China. Lynne Nicole is a fantastic, talented and experienced teacher. I highly recommend Qigong Infused Yoga as a gentle, profound and effective pathway to access deep healing and peace.”
-Dr Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.
Author of “The Healer Within” and “The Healing Promise of Qi”

This ten week Online Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training Program will include the following elements.
*Breathing Exercises from Qigong and Yoga that help to induce the relaxation response
*Gentle-Warm-Ups from both Yoga and Qigong
*Active Breath-work with movement to Release Anxiety and Build Energy in The Body
*Various Qigong movements
*Tapping, Shaking Like a Tree and Self-Acupressure

Zoom Online Training will run every Sunday evening from 6-8pm beginning January 24th, 2021.

Included in training:
Qigong Infused Yoga DVD(mailed to you)
Course Packet including outline of Qigong Infused Yoga Practice(pdf)
Qigong Infused Yoga Music Playlist
Qigong Infused Yoga Certificate upon completion of training. 

Cost: $650 Total

No refunds available upon payment of program. In the event of being unable to participate in this training, you can elect to enroll in any future trainings which are held every January and September.