“Attending the retreat with Lynne and Kelvin was my great pleasure.  The healing sounds were magical, filling me with a feeling of Oneness with them and the energy of the universe.  The experience is impossible to put into words.”
Dona Hall, Greenfield, Massachusetts

Qigong Infused Yoga and Sound Healing Mini-Retreats 

Every second Sunday of the month

This will be a special time in a beautiful space where you can take a break from it all and immerse your self into the tranquil practice of Qigong Infused Yoga along with Sound Healing led by Kelvin Young. This will be an incredibly relaxing and healing journey you don’t want to miss. The Barn Studio has radiant heated floors and is sunlit with several windows and beautiful trees…join us as we warm our hearts and take time for genuine healing together.

Sunday October 13th

Sunday November 10th

Sunday December 8th

Sunday January 12th

                                                   THE BARN STUDIO                                                                                                     20 DICKINSON STREET                                                                                                       AMHERST MA


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Sound Healing
Warm-ups with Gentle Yoga and Qigong
Active Breathing Exercises to release anxiety and build energy in the body
Tapping and Shaking Like A Tree to release blocked energy
Standing Arm Swings
Walking Meditation
Balancing Postures
Gentle Yoga on our backs, Movement in union with the breath
Final Relaxation
Closing Meditation
Heart-Centered Poetry


Increases Energy Levels in the Body.

Reduces the harmful effects of stress.

Increases Energy in the Body.

Relieves Chronic Pain.

Facilitates Healing by Inducing the Relaxation Response.

Strengthens Immune System, Respiratory Health and Cardiovascular System.

Significantly Reduces anxiety and related muscular tension.

Improves Flexibility, Balance and Focus.

Alleviates Depression by stimulating the natural production of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Helps integrate and resolve difficult emotions.

Improves sleep, combats insomnia.

Calms the Mind.

 Apply Practical Tools from Qigong and Yoga after the retreat that you can use at work, at home, in car and any where to manage stress with skill.