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Here’s what people are saying about Qigong Infused Yoga™:

“Qigong Infused Yoga is an excellent practice that offers an integral approach to healing the mind, body and heart. It is a beautiful fusion of the spiritual and health systems of both India and China. Lynne is a fantastic, talented and experienced teacher. I highly recommend this practice as a gentle, profound and  effective pathway to access deep healing and peace.”

Dr. Roger Jahnke

“Many thanks to Lynne! Taking her on-line Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Training has helped me expand my class offerings. She has a kind and supportive teaching style. I am so grateful that I was able to practice instruction techniques during the training. Everyone’s constructive feedback was extremely beneficial. I highly recommend this program!”

Stephanie Koller

“Qigong Infused Yoga is so very USEFUL in relieving so many disorders from stress to arthritis to imbalances of all kinds. For me, having and using the DVD has been life changing. Lynne Nicole’s video teaching is a clear approach to the profound GRACE of this brand new and potent fusion of Yoga and Qigong. If you yearn for any level of healing, Lynne’s lucid demonstrations will take you there.”

David Silver

“Finding Lynne Nicole’s Qigong Infused Yoga class has been a Godsend for me. I literally feel it has changed my life. At the age of 61, I feel I was returned to my body—the body that I picked apart and criticized as a young woman, and then abused for decades with academic and office work. Or rather, my body was returned to me; for the first time since I can remember, I enjoy and love my body, my whole body and, with it, myself.”

Sky Arndt Briggs

“I attend Lynne Nicole’s classes but when I can’t make it to class, her DVD is great to have. I shared the DVD with my sister and she shared it with her friends and had to order three more since they all loved it too!”

Jeanne Bell

“Qigong Infused Yoga releases blocked energy, relieves stress and restores physical and mental well being. This unique recipe is absolutely beneficial to body, mind and soul. This is a great resource for our busy lives and a wonderful gift.”

Alice Buckner

“Lynne has such compassion for teaching and sharing. Qigong Infused Yoga is truly a great way to relax, be present, shift energy and flow mindfully. Learned so much from each and every class, and the teacher training too. A must try & you can really feel better for it. Inspiring practice, great teacher. Grateful for the experience.”

Barbara Paulo

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Thank you for visiting to learn more about Qigong Infused Yoga™ I’m Lynne Nicole and I have transformed my life and have healed my nervous system with both Qigong and Yoga. I do this work because We live in a world where we are often bombarded by things that promise to “fix us” and it’s hard at times to know what will sincerely help us. I share this work from a deep place in my heart and out of a trust in these two ancient practices to support your life in both practical and profound ways.

In addition to having a powerful impact on healing the nervous system, Qigong Infused Yoga™ will help you and the people you share it with to *Manage stress , difficult emotions, health issues, chronic pain and trauma with skill and I would add FUN. The practice will also cultivate a deeper self-compassion and give you more tools to manage the suffering we are witnessing in the world. If you love nature…Qigong will be a practice that deepens your connection to all of the beautiful life energy that surrounds us…the water, the trees, the flowers, the beautiful animals we share our home with. This indigenous practice leads us back HOME to our self…where we grow our gratitude and celebration of life.